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Archive for January 2010

How Wi-Fi Works?

By: Ailene B. Misa Posted: 19 Jan, 2010
Have you been in a coffee shop, mall or university lately? Did you notice the Wi-Fi connection in those establishments?

Just to give you brief overview, computer users nowadays are choosing Wi-Fi Internet access everywhere because it is cheaper and very accessible. Anyone can be hooked over the Internet everywhere and anytime.

Most of the residential and business Internet set-ups are using Wi-Fi connection. So don't be surprised if in case you will be gong in a remote area that already had... continue |

Troubleshooting Wireless Linksys Router for Residential Use

By: Ailene B. Misa Posted: 15 Jan, 2010
Most of the internet connections at home are already shared with different computer terminal. There are some which are shared through wired and wire less. As I mentioned in my previous article, router are very easy to operate. With its extreme functionality and its capability of providing automatic IP for your computer that is why it is commonly used nowadays.

The common brand for router is the Linksys. Due to its capability and affordability most of the consumer opts to have... continue |

The Dawn of Wi-Fi

By: Vianca C. Villar Posted: 12 Jan, 2010
Amongst all the shops alongside your area’s busy streets you chose one with a sign that reads “Wi-Fi hotspot.” You brought your laptop with you, ordered your favorite cup of coffee, sank into one of the comfy chairs at the corner stretched and eased into your routine of sifting through your e-mails, updating and checking social networking profiles/sites. You tell yourself, “Thank goodness, for Wi-Fi!”
But, have you ever wondered how Wi-Fi came about? How it works? Let this article... continue |