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Archive for May 2010

Inside the COMPTIA A+ certification 2009 version

By: Louie Jacinto Posted: 29 May, 2010

A+ certification is one of the premier certifications offered by COMPTIA. One can not show or prove his IT skills by simply showing his training certificate of attendance from various training schools attesting that he has undergone rigorous and hands on training about repairing and troubleshooting computers. He should prove his prowess and expertise in PC hardware servicing by passing the COMPTIA A+ certification exam.

A lot of companies prefer IT professionals who posses Industry training certification such as... continue |

How can Linux Certified find a Good Job

By: Artheliza Near Posted: 20 May, 2010
There’s a lot of people longing to be certified in one of the international certifications. Willing to do their best just to be one of them. It’s not new anymore. Having that kind of mind set is the best thing that we can do so that we would  have well planned career in the future. Nobody wish to stay ravenous if you can  just work hard for your future. We will be able to reach our goal and to become... continue |

What is a Blog?

By: Artheliza Near Posted: 18 May, 2010
A blog is a private record. On a daily basis stage. A mutual breathing space. A opinionated matter and breaking-news outlet. A set of links. Your own personal thoughts. Like a world memos. Whatever you want to say you can write is down and boost you emotions. No one will stop you from writing your blogs. It is a site where you can write and post simple stuffs. Even on a very simple way. Since Blogger was lunch in 1999,... continue |

Protect your system programs from viruses using Sandboxie

By: Ryan Elvin O. De Guzman Posted: 16 May, 2010

Installing an antivirus program is the most common effective way to protect your computer from annoying viruses. Resident Shield is the most popular technique that an antivirus program is using to prevent a virus to make changes to your system without your knowledge. Now, some users are aware that some programs have virus but still they wanted to run the program and used it, why? Well it's simple, because some programs contains important information; they want to take risk instead.... continue |

3 Basic Elements Found in Every Real CCNA Training Guide

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 09 May, 2010

Achieving the Cisco career certification and becoming a Cisco Engineer is such a great achievement. Honor and a promising career wait for those who hold CCNA certification. Thus, getting the best CCNA Training Guide becomes a must. With a crowd of training institutions, each promising best results, thorough check of comprehensive education, support, and credibility is important.

Comprehensive Supply of Education and Information

Speed up your learning with systematic lessons and learning activities. Organized set of ideas is easy to digest than... continue |

UNTANGLE: manage your network, secure and easy

By: Ryan Elvin O. De Guzman Posted: 09 May, 2010

What is Untangle? Untangle is a software that helps network administrators to deploy and manage network with ease. This software also allows network administrators to configure network policies or restrictions with confidence.  This software application is light and easy to use even though you don't have a good knowledge in network administration, installing is very easy. Simplified, fast, compact, affordable, and most of all, they have a free-to-use version, nice! Now, let's start by discussing their products one by one,... continue |

Poll Survey Vote Here! Who will you Vote for President?

By: Louie Jacinto Posted: 07 May, 2010
Vote Wisely... |