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Archive for June 2010

Are you prepared for the challenges in the workplace with your current skills in Information technology?

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 26 Jun, 2010

Have you ever thought about what would be our life if technology didn’t exist? Would our life be better? Or would it totally change our entire lifestyle? Obviously, the influx of technology in human race caused dramatic changes of the ways people live everyday. It was even foreseen how technology will have become prevalent by the early 2011 in workplaces not only in the United states but also in all over the world. Schools and other institutes prepare young generations... continue |

Phishing: The High- Tech Way of Stealing

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 13 Jun, 2010

Taken from the word, “fishing”, phishing are hackers’ ways of catching passwords and user names for self-interests. The mode of operation is easy and hard to detect. If you’re not careful enough, expect your bank account to be empty. As of the moment, they’ve already stolen massive amount of funds using internet.

What Phishers Do?

Have you received any email from a friend saying you have a picture or video on web? Be careful. Though the message is addressed from a reliable... continue |

The **** Mistakes Most Students Make When Doing School Works

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 10 Jun, 2010

If you’re constantly having trouble doing your school projects and assignments, you might be doing some mistakes you’re not aware of. These mistakes are often committed due to wrong perception and unawareness. Moreover, the boundary between teachers and students make it even harder to work out issues. These issues hinder the cycle of learning, as it continues undetectably.   

This article will give you idea what they are for you to resolve your problem at once.  Here are the **** mistakes... continue |

Philippines 2010 Election Debates: Ups and Downs on the Dawn of Techy Community Era

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 07 Jun, 2010

At last, after restless debates, the long wait for president-elect proclamation will nearly end. Speculations of the “automated cheating” agitated the recent election’s reputation. Arguments of winners against “cheated” candidates still roar media air. These tires up Filipinos, especially voters who dared to endure heat and hunger, hoping to change the current face of politics.

Hearing same old squabbles is irritating, yet our hope for a clean politics may in some way need them, as truth needs unveiling. Checking the errors,... continue |