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Archive for June 2010

how your website get listed on

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 28 Jun, 2010

Not only you but almost all web designers are harried and overly concerned how their site will be placed in the first page, that any search engine such as Google finds it as quick as possible. We can’t deny the fact that is still the best when it comes to searching. You can hear from students “you google  it” when they mean you search the information from the internet.  Google searches five times faster than the others. However, the... continue |

Programming Tips on Accuracy: How to Know If Enough is Indeed Enough

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 28 Jun, 2010

Once there was an expert programmer who was contracted to encode a bank’s monetary system. He crafted the deposits and the withdrawals to a limit of hundredths place.  For instance you have an exact savings of 499.999998 pesos, what will register in your account is 499.99 pesos.

Nope, he did not rounded off and cut off the remaining 0.009998. Clever enough to gain more than the payment he received, he programmed these excess digits to his own bank account. The bank... continue |

Easy Programming Revealed: A Guide for Beginners

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 27 Jun, 2010

Contrary to common perception programming is not a hard subject. There are certain ways you can make programming easier than what you expect. First let’s take a closer look how programming works.

Programming is the creation of a set of commands to obtain an expected output. The different kinds of programming system available nowadays have all same principle. You need to write the right commands in correct sequence to get the result that you wanted. To make this goal achievable as... continue |

Are computer programmer and chess player alike?

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 24 Jun, 2010
       Computer has been clearly defined as to compute data. However, this machine couldn't process itself without the interference of a human being. Similar to a person, computer has also its brain called the microprocessor. Technically, this processor receives instructions from a plain language which is known as computer programming. This language is instructions to the microprocessors. However, the microprocessor needs support from other hardware to properly and clearly convey the result to the user.

      Computer programs are those instructions... continue |

PHP- the most remarkable tool for web designer

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 22 Jun, 2010
Basically, programming is interesting course but it leaves a notion that is nerve-racking, brain dumps or ground-breaking. Despite its difficulties and complexities, many take the challenge to be a web designer, Being novice, web designer undoubtedly face difficulties as he go along and become a proficient PHP programmer

However, Java scripts helps but honestly it does not complete the dynamic works of PHP, For instance, if you submit email, it will automatically be sent however the service is limited because it... continue |

Computer Treats: Top 3 PC User Enemies

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 21 Jun, 2010

Computers were made for good objectives, but some with bad intents use its capabilities in taking advantage in harming others or gaining self interests. Here are the major treats in computers and its users:

Scams. Bullies are roaming around the World Wide Web. All of them with different schemes and plans drafted from internet’s loop holes to lure you into giving them what they want even at your expense. They are often called “cyber criminals”. Some of them thrive on people’s... continue |

Why are e-mails susceptible?

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 16 Jun, 2010

Recently, the independent testing laboratory is too harried to program virus signatures to completely stop computer viruses. Likewise, the network administrators are troubled and hurriedly apply virus signature every time they find some symptoms that their computers are being attacked. With all their efforts, their discovery comes to realization however; it requires alot of hours or days before these vendors of anti viruses software  to develop this cure. As a matter of fact, the industries leadears in anti virus... continue |

The release of Microsoft Office 2010 and its features

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 12 Jun, 2010

Go with the trend! This slogan is well known to all people not only in the field of fashion but it also applies to the world of information technology. In workplace or even in personal computers, you need to boost your creativity and ability to upgrade and to be up-to-date specifically on Microsoft offices being used in businesses and in personal. You always want to accomplish the task assigned to you faster and easier by using tools that are flexible... continue |

Common symptoms when your computer was infected by viruses or Trojans

By: Melissa Reyes Posted: 08 Jun, 2010

Is your computer protected? Or Is your computer infected with viruses? In this event, what remedy comes first to your mind? Let say, you haven’t installed any anti-virus software yet, what will you do? Basically, the antivirus software probes malicious programs that have found the door and run to your computer. Are you aware of what’s going on? So that you don’t deserve criticism for being ignorant, here are some clues:

1. The space of the disk reduces

Without any cause,... continue |