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Archive for August 2010

Useful programs for computer technicians

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 29 Aug, 2010

Being a computer technician isn’t that easy because not all errors can be fixed instantly. There are some errors and viruses which requires more patience in trying and in researching. In order for you to make things a lot easier, I’ve listed some of the most useful programs for computer technicians.

CCleaner -  A freeware program that allows you to clean your system. This can optimize your system by removing unused files from your computer. This can also clean your registry... continue |

Understanding computer hacking

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 29 Aug, 2010

Computer hacking is the act of gaining unauthorized access of computers and networks. People involved in hacking are called “hackers”. These persons are capable of entering your resources without your permission. Hackers are classified into two types: The Black Hat Hackers and the White Hat hackers. Black hat hackers are basically the one with bad intentions, they usually will enter or access your resources to steal, gain information, to destroy something or even delete your files while White hat hackers... continue |

Device doctor, easiest way to download your missing drivers

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 29 Aug, 2010

Are you tired of manually downloading missing drivers after reformatting? Many computer users usually loose their cd drivers for their devices and the only thing you can do is manually look for your drivers on the internet. Some drivers are easy to find but some are not. Drivers are needed by computer devices for them to run. Drivers must also be the correct one so that it can run your device properly. There are times that a device doesn’t work... continue |

An effective way to secure your computer

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 29 Aug, 2010

Deep freeze, a program made by Faronics. This program is very useful especially in schools, offices and even in internet shops. The main purpose of this program is to instantly restore settings made by users after restarting. This can really be helpful to prevent system changes, deleted items, and installed softwares. This must be installed into your system. After installing this one, your system will automatically be in the “freeze” state meaning that when your restart your computer, all changes... continue |

When to format and Why you need to format a computer

By: Megan B. Bolivar Posted: 08 Aug, 2010
Formatting your computer will totally wipe out all your data and programs installed. so before youe decide to format your computer you need to weighin the benefits of formatting or not formatting your hard drive.

Here are the reasons why people format their hard drive.

1. Computer Virus Infection

People will format their computer if their computer is infected with a virus because formatting their drive will definitely remove viruses from their computer at the same time it will also remove all  data... continue |

How to clean a virus infected computer! - level 2

By: Megan B. Bolivar Posted: 06 Aug, 2010

If Doing the first level of removing viruses in your computer does not give you a positive result then its time to move to the next level of removing virus from your PC.

Try to disable the virus from its launch pad

Virus are triggered from two locations in your computer.these are from:
1. the Registry
2 and the Startup folder

To remove the program that will launch the virus in the registry you have to know how to edit your registry setting. Editing the... continue |

An effective way to speed up your computer

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 02 Aug, 2010

Is your computer running slower than usual? This may be caused by program errors, structural defects or registry errors. Having a computer that has numerous errors can cause your computer to slow down. The said errors can be repaired and removed by a program called Tune up Utilities. This program is very effective in speeding your system up. This is an all in one maintenance tool for your system. Some of the best features of this program are listed below.

TuneUp... continue |