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Archive for May 2011

Tips to Effective Review: 5 Steps to Learn Effectively

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 27 May, 2011

No doubt, taking review while anticipating for the examination day is very stressful. With the broadness of covered topics and lessons, most reviewees try to fasten up the study, not knowing the effectiveness of it is already forsaken. To help you out with this common reviewing dilemma, here are the steps on how to learn a lesson efficiently:

Learn the basic principle. First and foremost, you have to learn the basic of the lesson. Understanding the structure and principles will become... continue |

The **** Mistakes Most Reviewees Make When Studying

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 25 May, 2011

To some, taking exams is same as gambling. There are people you least expect to pass but manage to pass. Others even top exams. There are also school and career achievers who unfortunately fail test. These instances make people wonder what went wrong. Answering this dilemma, here are the common mistakes most reviewers make when studying.

Taking it easy. This is the most intentional mistake you’ll ever commit when you’re preparing for exams. However, many still fall for this shortcoming. Probably,... continue |

Social Networking Protection

By: Cresencio Daffon Jr. Posted: 21 May, 2011

Nowadays, protecting a person’s identity is a big deal when it comes to personal information both manually and online, especially, when it comes to social networking sites like facebook, MySpace and Friendster. You have to be very careful in giving private information such as your complete real name, physical address, home and mobile phone number, social security identification, and debit or credit card numbers. Because in doing so, you are actually divulging information that may not be necessary to share,... continue |