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Archive for May 2011

Why is Windows 7 has slow internet?

By: Tesa Mari S. Sabao Posted: 29 May, 2011

“Why is Windows 7 has slow internet?”- is the question often asked by those who switched from Windows XP to Windows 7. How come the internet connection becomes sluggish with an upgraded operating system?

Microsoft didn’t fail in creating Windows 7. In fact, it is well designed for maximum user convenience and better performance. It is just set in default to include your computer in a network. Primarily, this new operating system is ought to maximize networking and sharing. Hence, in... continue |

How to Repair Windows Registry Errors

By: Ailene B. Misa Posted: 22 May, 2011
In my previous article I discussed Windows Registry. With different errors and problems with it, I will give you practical on how to clean your registry.

Maybe you are wondering how Windows Registry affects your computer; remember it contains all the hardware, software and other preferences of your computer. As a result, most of your computer activities are connected to the registry.

Have you experienced slow computer start-up and shut down? Do you have any difficulty in opening application software? Here are... continue |