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Archive for June 2011

List of Freeware Security Programs

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 22 Jun, 2011

For those people who are looking for free legal programs, this might be the one for you. In this article, i'll be enumerating some free security programs that can be used for your home.

Avast antivirus – This antivirus program can be downloaded at their website. They offer free antivirus for home use only. If you want avast antivirus for your office, you need to buy or order it through their website.

Spybot Search & Destroy – This program is capable of... continue |

The danger of running a computer without an antivirus

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 21 Jun, 2011

For those who are not yet familiar with what an antivirus is. An antivirus from the name itself is a program that is in charge of protecting computers from viruses. A computer virus is also a program that can damage your system, delete your files or make your system slow down.

Many users think that having a computer without an antivirus is safe, think again. As we all know, computer viruses won’t stop and will be present for the next years... continue |

A Complete step by step guide on reformatting and Windows XP installation (part 2)

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 20 Jun, 2011

Step 10: At the middle of the installation, the Regional and Language Options will appear. Just click next and fill up the name and the company text box. You can leave the company blank if you want. Click next again.

Step 11: At this point, you are required to enter the genuine product key of windows xp. Enter the 25- character key and then press next. Make sure that the product key is correct because the system will detect if it... continue |

A Complete step by step guide on reformatting and Windows XP installation (part 1)

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 20 Jun, 2011

What is reformatting? Reformatting is a process in which you remove/delete all files, documents and even your previous installed windows xp in your hard drive. Reformatting is done before installing or reinstalling your OS or operating system to make sure that you’ll be installing it in a clean or a newly formatted hard drive to avoid errors. In this article, you’ll learn the complete step by step guide on how to reformat and how to install your windows xp operating... continue |

How to Remove a Computer Virus

By: Megan B. Bolivar Posted: 04 Jun, 2011
Removing a computer virus from your computer can sometimes be easy and sometimes hard. It really depends on the type of virus that infects your computer.

One of the common viruses that infects a computer is the computer worm virus. This type of virus infects one computer in a network and then crawls and infects other computers that are connected to your Local Area Network.

Computer worm virus can render your netwok inoperable by clogging your network with tons of data traffic,... continue |