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Archive for April 2015

Protecting your wireless connection at home

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 29 Apr, 2015
Many of us are already using wireless routers at home so that our hand held devices and laptops could connect without the use of long cables. It is usual for users who do not have knowledge on computers to let someone set it up for them which includes setting up the password for your wireless routers.

Even if our routers already asks for passwords, we are still not 100 percent sure that no one could connect to your connection especially if you have a computer geek neighbor. And that is why I am writing this article to give some tips on how to have a secured wireless connection at home.

SSID Name - This SSID name serves as the name of your wireless connection where you will connect to. At purchase, the name of this is usually the brand of router you possess but you could change this one. When you change your SSID name, make sure that it is not easy for them to distinguish where it is coming from. Some users tend to name their SSID by their names, last names or even address which is a big no because they could easily distinguish you. It would be better... ... continue |

Importance of monitoring the server room

By: Mon Peter I. Damiles Posted: 23 Apr, 2015
Almost all companies nowadays are relying on computers for their daily work and that is why it would be very important for the IT department of every company to monitor their respective server rooms to make sure that everything is in good condition. Some companies strictly implement the said monitoring but for some, they don't and that is why I am writing this article to remind everyone the importance of this task.

Below are the things that require constant monitoring for the server room.

Room Temperature - We are all aware that the our temperature nowadays are already rising and we must make sure that the room temperature of our server rooms are enough to cool down our devices. Having a server room that has a bad air-condition unit could result to problems. It could possibly fry your routers, switches and your other networking devices and that would be the worst that could happen to your IT department. Again, to make sure that your devices are cool enough to work 24/7, monitoring the room temperature is very important.

Cable and Power Connections - Most of the time, cables are the culprit when it comes to intermittent connections. It would be best to... ... continue |