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2010s Most Popular Applications

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 16 Dec, 2010 23:49:29

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The year 2010 is Apple’s most productive year because they have launched many innovative gadgets as well as media based online applications compatible with their premiere products like iPad and iPhone. Most of these apps are inclined with games from Traffic Rush, Ragdoll Blaster, Words With Friends, The Moron Test, Word Scramble, Tap Tap Revenge 3, Robot Unicorn Attack, Bejeweled 2 + Blitz, FarmVille/We City/Restaurant Story, Paper Toss, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Plants vs. Zombies, Doodle Jump, to Angry Birds. So there are a lot of applications available for gamers to choose from or even grab it all. 

Now, let’s start reviewing those apps that were mentioned above.       

·          Traffic Rush

The developer of Traffic Rush is Donut Games which is priced for an affordable amount of $0.99 which you can play in a matter of minutes then you can retire anytime. This game is so simple to play as you can imagine. You may crash-free to keep an intersection busy by tapping and flicking cars across the screen. There is no free version available for this app.

·          Ragdoll Blaster 

This game was developed by Backflip Studios which is a physics game also cost affordable at $0.99 and has no free version available. The player should simply hit the rag dolls as their main target on the game.

·          Words With Friends 

Developed by Newtoy Inc., Words With Friends is only $2.99 and the free version is supported through an advertiser. This game works like scrabble does and allows you to have several games running all at the same time. 

·          The Moron Test 

DistinctDey is the one who develop The Moron Test for $0.99 and the free version is called The Moron Test: Section 1. This is game is a quiz-type of brain-teasing puzzle in which there is no test variation so this is a big deal for gamer who are fond of sharpening their brains. 

·          Word Scramble

This game was developed by Zynga and its all for free. Word Scramble is a virtual game which you can challenge your friends from Facebook and iPhone to do word games with them by rearranging the order of words you can see. 

·          Tap Tap Revenge 3  

This game’s developer is Tapulous, Inc. and it’s also free of charge. It’s an awesome and tap-rhythm Guitar Hero for the iPhone and its updated regularly with new packs of songs which have an equivalent price after the first free 100 songs. 

·          Robot Unicorn Attack 

Adult swim develop this app game called Robot Unicorn Attack priced at $1.99 and has no free version. On its platform game to make it more addictive to players, you can see combinations of cyborg unicorn, rainbows, fluffy clouds, and sparkling mists. This game first appeared on adult swim as a flash game that leads to its popularity. You can play this game whenever you may want it to and it’s a challenging and fast-paced app available. 

·          Bejeweled 2 + Blitz 

This virtual game was developed by PopCap Games, Inc. and this needs no further introduction if you are fond of playing match-3 games. It features the popular match-3 game plus a blitz edition wherein gamers have a minute to strike a score as high as they could with the use of new gems and different score multipliers. If you are going to play this game you’ll become a fanatic of Bejeweled 2 + Blitz.  

·          FarmVille/We City/Restaurant Story

Many of us are not new to the name FarmVille that everybody knows linked to the social networking site Facebook. FarmVille/We City/Restaurant Story were developed by Zynga/ngmoco/Team Lava and it’s free of charge. With this game, the player is expected to harvest crops on a real time basis and it has to be checked from time to time as you open this app on Facebook. This game is also addictive. 

·          Paper Toss 

This app game was developed by Backflip Studios for an amount of $0.99 and the free version is available through an ad-supported site. This is simply a game of tossing paper that directly going to the trashcan. Now, you can do paper tossing virtually using your iPhone and it will much easier to do it than in real life.

·          Fruit Ninja 

Fruit Ninja was developed by Halfbrick Studios for $0.99 a program. This is going to be a fun game where kids are the main target players for fixing dinner and it’s simple but addictive. You just have to slice fruit in ninja way of slicing it using a samurai. The ninjas’ opponents are fruits like bananas and kiwis.

·          Cut the Rope  

This was developed by Chillingo Ltd. And the price is also cheap for $0.99. The free versions of this virtual game are Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift and Cut the Rope Lite. This is also physics game wherein it features a candy eating frog-dinosaur-crossbreed. The main thing to do is to give the candy to the frog using principles physics and right timing procedures as you cut the rope/s with your finger on the right time.

·          Plants vs. Zombies

This virtual app game was developed by PopCap Games for $2.99. This is seems to be the cutest game made and available. This starts as your backyard will be infested by zombies and to protect it from being intruded killer plants are there to the rescue.   

·          Doodle Jump

This app game cost $0.99 and was developed by Lima Sky. This is also as addictive as Angry Birds wherein it has a simple premise, scribbled graphics, cute, and regularly updated animation which keeps the game player addicted to jumping high and also featured a glimpse from this year World Cup. 

·          Angry Birds 

Developed by Rovio Mobile for $0.99 and its free version is Angry Birds Lite which is 2010’s best selling app for iPhone users. This is all about little pigs which craves for omelets and features angry birds on the same physics-base game setting.


There you have it, 2010’s most popular apps for iPhone and iPad users. Enjoy playing these games now.


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