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2010s Web Rivalry Between Microsoft Corporation Vs Google Part 1

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 17 Dec, 2010 18:09:27

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You may have noticed that there are only two big cyber companies who competes each other as the year 2010 comes to a close. Not only that, these two fought many battles such as word wars, share on government customers, consumer search and electronic mail, cloud rivalry, mobile phone services, and five more aspects as we continue our discussion on the second part of this article series. The companies that we are going to focus on are two giants, namely, Google Corporation and Microsoft Corporation as we are going to take a look at each sector they are competing about. You will learn how these companies grow and do innovative strategies to compete and outwit each other.

Now, let’s start with word wars between Microsoft and Google.

Last May of 2010, an executive of Google claimed that the company is way beyond what Microsoft is ranked in the cloud apps sector. On the other hand, Microsoft Corporation declared that Google is failing the market. What shall be the next episode? As Google all know that Microsoft is still at large and people cannot be forced to give up from it that easy as the latter continues to make upgrades for its tools to work for plug gaps. Like when Google made Gmail to service people into e-mailing, they will also launch a new browser called Google Frame with the qualities of the future Internet Explorer 9 which may eventually beat what could have been the first from Microsoft Corporation. While of course, Microsoft shall release a statement in contrast to what Google has launched which they will tag as Internet Explorer 8’s surface double attacker.

These entities are also exchanging words opposing each other when it comes to technology advancement, market capitalization, corporate brand perception forums, employer ranking status, and as well as public opinions is concerned.

The next thing to tackle about is government customer share of both Microsoft Corporation and Google Company.

Both companies have a fair share of market for government offices using productivity tools and electronic mails. Microsoft Corporation declared a closed deal with the Agriculture Department of United States proving its 120,000 cloud users, while Google signed up for an exclusive contract for General Services Administration of United States and Los Angeles City in California. As you may have recalled, just because the Interior Department of the US solicited biddings using both messaging services and electronic mails which are both cloud-based type to send campaigns pressing the use of Microsoft made products that lead to its prosecution by Google. For additional details, both companies are certified by Federal Information Security Management Act.

When it comes to consumer search and electronic mail, both companies also battles to be at the top.

Let’s admit it, Microsoft Corporation is the leader in productivity and electronic mailing, especially, the rivalry of Gmail and Hotmail is very tough with each network claims to have the same statistics in the United States for user shares about 40 million people. Take note that Hotmail was upgraded through enhancements made by Microsoft Corporation for its new editing features online for both home and business accounts. Now, Microsoft Corporation is attempting to enhance the searching capability of Bing through partnerships with Yahoo! And Facebook since Google is ranked 2/3’s of market share on Internet search.

Another thing to focus on between Microsoft Corporation and Google Company is the cloud rivalry.

Microsoft Corporation got a large share of the market and have launched an expansion offering more cloud-based products due to Google’s innovative technology advancement. Microsoft launched Windows Azure that opposes Amazon EC2 by Google which is their tactical way of overcoming competitions. Now as Microsoft Corporation is fixing its cloud-based products such as Sharepoint with Office 365, Exchange, and Office on a beta base format which will be available in the market by 2011, Google Apps is threatened.

Likewise, both Microsoft Corporation and Google Company are archrivals for mobile services.

On the mobile phone services aspect, along with the likes of BlackBerry and iPhone, Google Android also takes it lead in the US. Apple’s iPhone is second to the rank because Android phones are regularly activated daily. When Windows 7 arrived, Microsoft Corporation completely reconstructed its mobile services to counter Android.

We are going to discuss more of Microsoft Corporation and Google Company rivalry on the next chapter of this series. Just keep on reading for more updates! 

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