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4 Things Making Up An Ideal Job

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 05 Jul, 2010 23:56:21

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People got the idea that good paying jobs are the best jobs you could ever have. But to those who tasted the careers ups and downs, money alone won’t keep you stick to a profession. Here are the 4 things that make up an ideal job.

Your ideal job makes you enjoy.  Most people who made it on the top of their game had chosen the career path that is nearest to their hearts. They took their hobbies and favorite activities into an earning job. What made them successful is their dedication. Once you like what you do, you won’t have a hard time working. Natural enthusiasm at work will give you unlimited energy. Eventually, success will naturally fall into place.

Your most suiting job is something that you have know-how. Do you have a job in mind that you can honestly say you can handle using your own touch? Most probably, this is the career meant for you. A job that makes you feel useful and valuable will definitely keep you satisfied. The most fitting job feeds your self-esteem and self-worth.

Ideal job is worth a living. Yes, I’ve said money alone won’t keep you long in a job. However, absence of it would be the same. This makes job different from hobby. Apart from emotional needs, you also need to satisfy your physical necessities. Of course, some calling takes time to earn and needs patience. When you’ve decided to take on the tough road to success such as this, be ready and plan ahead. Create ways in which you can still sustain its continuance along with your living.

If the path you like isn’t that sustainable according to present conditions and business norms, be resourceful. This may be the beginning of a new business empire.  Be crazy, as they say. Get out of your cocoon and use your imagination. Many of people who dared to take risks in trying out new ideas rule now their very own empire.

Choosing a career path is not easy nowadays due to the crisis we are experiencing. Even so, poverty shouldn’t be the basis of picking your profession. Most of career-choosers fall for the glitz and glamour. They end up discontented with their current career, and lost interest along with their morale for professionalism. Some stick along as they are afraid to take risk.  Others who got the courage started again from scratch. If you don’t want to be one of them, have a well-thought-out decision.

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