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A simple solution for your media player problems

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 30 May, 2014 10:09:56

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Have you experienced downloading a video that would not play properly on your computer? The main of this might be that your default media player might not be updated. If you are one of those who experienced this kind of problem, this article might be helpful for you.

As we all know, media players are used to play music, videos or movies but if your media player isn't fully updated, you might experience some of the problems below.

Unsupported format - This is a very common problem wherein some formats could not be played. As I have said, this is a cause of an outdated media player. Updating your media player's codec might do the trick.

No sounds - This might also be a compatibility problem. If there is a video codec, there is also a sound coded that needs to be updated but before anything else, you could try checking your audio card and your speakers.

Video Lag - I have experienced this several times already wherein a video can be played but it would not play properly. It may be possible that your video card does not support the resolution of the video that you are playing or again, an outdated media... player could also be the cause.

The issues above are the common issues that users normally experience. Some of you might already call your computer guy for the said issues above but believe me, they are only simple issues that could be fixed by you.

Updating your default media player could do the trick but I would rather recommend downloading a new one rather than updating it. You could try downloading either the VLC media player or the Windows Classic media player. The said media players are free for download and could be installed in a few seconds.

Both media players mentioned above are already tested for years and personally, I prefer using them rather than the default media player of Windows. Another thing that I do love most about the two media players is that you could tweak the sound for a greater level of volume. This would be perfect for laptops that have very small speakers wherein you could barely hear the sounds of the movie.

As someone who loves watching movies, a good and reliable media player would really be important. If you are also into movies, the said media players would be perfect for you.

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