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Accounts Creating And Managing Of File Transfer Protocol: Part 2

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 09 Jan, 2011 20:58:06

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This is the second part of our article discussing about File Transfer Protocol steps which will have its continuation to this point.

Now, here are the rest of the procedures.

  • Click 'Restart Firefox'. You may click the button that says ‘Add to Firefox after selecting FireFTP in the list of add-ons available. You may click Install when the box for installation options appears. To complete the changes, you’ll be prompted to restart the web browser while the installation takes only a few seconds. The ‘Restart Firefox’ button should be clicked to complete the process.
  • For the FireFTP add-on launching, you may need to click Tools after opening Firefox. In the left panel of your personal computer, you may display your stored files when the window of your file browser appears within the browser. When you connect to the site of the File Transfer Protocol, you will become populated with files as the right panel becomes empty.
  • Creating a FireFTP account is the next step you need to create. At the window’s top-left portion, ‘Create an account’ is the one you need to click. For the system to know how to log into your account, FireFTP requires you to enter some info. The details containing the password, login, and host should be added after giving a remarkable name to the account.
  • Instead of you having an automatic login by a FireFTP, each time you enter a website of a File Transfer Protocol if you prefer to enter your password, you may leave this field blank. You may use the Anonymous login option for sites of the File Transfer Protocol that doesn’t require the use of a password. At the top-left portion of the page, select Connect after clicking the account name that appears.
  • The right panel will display those stored on the server intended for the File Transfer Protocol, while the local files will be represented in the left panel. You may double-click the files from both sides which you can browse through. As you may have notice it, both panels of the FireFTP will be populated.
  • Through drag and drop method, you may download files from the site of File Transfer Protocol which starts from the remote right panel to the local left panel. You may simply drag them to the right panel from the left in uploading files to the site of File Transfer Protocol. Now, to download from the internet or share files with others, this method is the ideal way in handling files individually. 

Stay on site for the continuation of this article in our third part.

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