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Adobe, Google release sandboxed Flash Player for Chrome

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 04 Dec, 2010 19:49:03

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Both Google and Adobe is working together to bind the link between Adobe Flash Player and Google Chrome.

This is a great innovation from the two IT giants because with this “sandbox” technique it isolates on your computer to stop malicious software to escape from an application and devastate your PC. The real mission is to decrease both impact and extent of security dangers through using “protected mode” which is included with the sandbox procedure. This may said to help only a few users of Windows, even though Flash Player already supporting Windows Vista and Windows 7 in Internet Explorer’s protected mode. Now with Google Chrome browser, Adobe Flash Player’s prototype sandbox is available on canary channels and Google Chrome developer.

Adobe Secure Software Engineering Team senior security strategist, Peleus Uhley said that the sandboxing code currently backups Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP for initial testing. Peleus Uhley also added in a blog that there are plans to make this program available for all OS platforms once it goes for testing. The sandbox allows Flash Player to run as a low-integrity process for Windows operating systems that supports UAC. Hopefully this project can be used as a basis for discussing sandbox approaches with browser companies as Adobe plans to test in the coming months. Uhley implied that it has to start from scratch since this is a distinctly different sandboxing code base from Internet Explorer though there are still a few bugs to work on.

The software engineers at Google, Carlos Pizano and Justin Schuh said that this initial Flash Player sandbox is an important breakthrough for making Google Chrome even risk-free to use. They also said in a blog article that as Chrome is currently the only browser on the XP platform that runs Flash Player in a sandbox. While allowing applications to use less sensitive versions, the first iteration of Google Chromes Flash Player sandbox for all Windows platform uses modified version of Chrome’s existing sandbox technique that hide certain sensitive resources from being accessed by malicious code. They wrote that this implementation protects users against common malicious software and is a significant first step to further reduce risks.

There is still more work to be done which includes improving protection against additional attack vessels which covers much of the groundwork on the initial sandbox as stated by Pizano and Schuh. They also added that they will be using this initial effort to overall provide all platforms the implementation of the Flash Player sandboxing.

This would be a great innovation from both Adobe and Google together as they mark a new era of video streaming using the Flash Player. There will incoming developments and new innovations coming so we better watch out and take note of the changes that will surely amazed us and you’ll will wonder that the dream of the past becomes a reality today and in the future.

So, it is best for us to always visit the websites of these two giants, Google and Adobe for further information and updates that we really need to check on the latest additions and supplements for a better viewing pleasure using the web.

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