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An Anti-Virus Protection Review Using Avast

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 09 Dec, 2010 23:44:44

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When it comes to anti-virus protection for your computers, avast! Antivirus Home Version has a faster scan speed and reliable malicious ware detection features which make it one of the top free antivirus software downloadable from the web where it was developed and originated from the Czech Republic. However, this free antivirus tool for your computer needs updating to improve more on its quality and dependability.

Based on current information gathered, this program blocked a distinctive percentage of computer and internet viruses of around 500,000 malicious wares in an surveillance testing. This figure will not suffice to match the performance of its competitors on the list of free antivirus software such as Panda Cloud, Avira, among others, although it is still a positive indication.

The catch percentage of Avast from more than 46 down to 41 marked it down to the 4th spot and because this free antivirus software did not show a more likely performance in detecting computer viruses, and unknown and new malicious wares which placed it at the bottom of the list.

Avast closely performed disinfection functions that matched that of top free antivirus software like Microsoft Corporation’s Security Essentials and Avira which can identify and terminate almost 100% of the sample malwares used for testing the program. However, these 3 similar applications did not completely eliminate the signs of the malicious ware effects to the computer system.

The best thing to know about Avast is that it is an effective terminator and blocker of various malicious software present on both computers and the internet in general, although some attest that it has a weaker setup compared to others and out of date interface which only can function when you like to change settings, scanning, and status checking. But you have to double check if  you read the instructions well upon using the program for the first time.

This is the only free program on the web that fights computer and internet viruses that you need to have an account registered to receive a license pass within 2 months.  This can also scan both e-mail and internet traffic which is available by using its 8.5 LinkScanner version.

Well, it can be concluded that Avast antivirus software has both negative and positive sides, advantages and disadvantages which are comparable with other similar programs of its kind. You have to fairly decide which is going to be the best free antivirus software you like to use for your computer. 

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