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Are computer programmer and chess player alike?

by: Melissa Reyes | 24 Jun, 2010 11:27:21

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       Computer has been clearly defined as to compute data. However, this machine couldn't process itself without the interference of a human being. Similar to a person, computer has also its brain called the microprocessor. Technically, this processor receives instructions from a plain language which is known as computer programming. This language is instructions to the microprocessors. However, the microprocessor needs support from other hardware to properly and clearly convey the result to the user.

      Computer programs are those instructions stored in the processor. The process of arranging these so-called instructions is known as computer programming. The person who gives arranged instructions are the computer programmer. When data are stored, we can possibly retrieve and reprocess permanently by saving these instructions to hard disk, flash drives or CDs.

       To be exact, microprocessors are not "almighty". This means that the capacity is limited. All the instructions stored are read in "binary form". It is represented by 1 which means the voltage is high and 0 which means the voltage is low. It contains 2 states: low vs. high, on vs. off, left vs. right and other more.

        Furthermore, microprocessors can read chunk by chunk. This means that it can't do two things at the same time. The chunk is normally the size of the instructions. It may be 8, 16 and 32. Technically, "bit" is "chunk". Every bit can only represent 1 from the two states conditions.

Not all computer-users can do programming. Computer programmers are professionals who understand well compared to an ordinary user. However, HEX editor helps programmer read the program contents. These text editors show the instructions that might be in different format: decimal, octal, binary or hexadecimal.

        It has been believed that computer programming is similar to playing chess. Compared to chess player, computer programmer must be efficient enough to head for his goal; -the final result-He doesn't waste time and effort. He doesn't have an option to fall back. No touched moves, no trivial moves. no trial and error. Everything must be done on purpose.
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