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Basic Home Network Troubleshooting Fixing Common Network Problems

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 27 Jul, 2011 19:32:41

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There would be times that you’ll be experiencing network problems at home. If you don’t know the basics, your best solution might be to call someone who is good in computers. After paying him, you’ll realize that your LAN Router was just turned off or your LAN cable is not connected to your computer. These are some of the basics which most people are not aware about. If you know the basics, this would eliminate paying someone to turn your router on or to connect your LAN cable. It may only be the basics but it would surely help you.

LAN disconnected – Check your LAN cable first, it might be loose or unplugged. If ever it is plugged correctly but is still states that your cable is disconnected, you can use a cable tester to test. There might be a problem with your wire. In checking a LAN cable, all you need to do is to plug one end to the master slot of the tester and the other end to the remote. Turn it on and check if it can complete from 1 – 8 without skips. Do this both on the master and remote. If it fails according to the tester, you must change your LAN cable to avoid problems.

Check router/modem – This is one of the things that you must check when there is a problem in your network. Sometimes, all you need to do is to reset the router or power it off for about 10 seconds and power it on again. Also double check all connections from the router/modem to make sure that there are no loose connections.

Ping – If everything is ok but your internet is still not working, try pinging To do this, go to start run and then type cmd then type ping If you’ll be receiving a reply from google, it means that your internet is working fine and you can now connect to the internet. If you’ll be receiving a request time out, there is something wrong with your internet. To verify, you can ask your service provider if there is something wrong with your connection.

The said tips are only the basics when it comes to troubleshooting a home network. Always remember that a network setup at home is far more different from an office network. Mostly, office networks are more complicated because this includes a number of users connected. This means that the higher number of users, it gets more complicated.

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