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Compare and contrast: What is the similarities and dissimilarities between Java and .Net?

by: Melissa Reyes | 13 Sep, 2010 21:11:11

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            Being professional, web designer is characterized by eclecticism for he knows best what fits for his website. Before starting his program, he needs stable mindset to what is accessible and appropriate to suffice his visitors’ interests and needs. Yet he knows Java and .Net are the most popularly used to build web applications, he, in all aspects weighs the pros and cons of both. Though we hardly decide as to what is better or winner but what is fascinating is that the enterprises testify and prove which is better by showing their loyalty. In my article, you will learn further the similarities and differences of Java and .Net.

          .Net is a Microsoft-based solution while Java is independent. This shows that since the .Net is based on Microsoft solutions, every part entails Microsoft products that comprise hardware, middleware as well as the operating system. In contrast, Java can be used flexibly to other operating system (OS) and the middleware. In short, it can be appropriately suited to any operating system.

                Another difference is that Java has a distinct feature which is Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that is able to decode to bytecodes and is adaptable to the code of other operating system but the focus is only one language. On the other side, .Net has the capability to transform the programs through its Common Language Runtime (CLR) to MSIL or Microsoft Intermediate Language which automatically converting into different languages. As a matter of fact, .Net has been chained with more than 25 native languages that perform at a time in a Common Type System (CTS),a data storing  on .Net.

            The similarities of both are very evident. They are used effectively in programming particularly in e-business development. They both contribute to the advancement of communication. In some extreme cases, the enterprise will then decide and justify which is suitable for them whether .Net or Java.
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