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Computer Treats: Top 3 PC User Enemies

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 21 Jun, 2010 12:20:12

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Computers were made for good objectives, but some with bad intents use its capabilities in taking advantage in harming others or gaining self interests. Here are the major treats in computers and its users:

Scams. Bullies are roaming around the World Wide Web. All of them with different schemes and plans drafted from internet’s loop holes to lure you into giving them what they want even at your expense. They are often called “cyber criminals”. Some of them thrive on people’s need for employment and business, while others use promos, freebies, or even on raffles and lottery. Got now the point? They use what people crave for as bait. Avoid getting ****ed by becoming wary with offers that are too good to be true. Don’t be tricked with their tongues. Be particular with details such as name, addresses, contact numbers, company, and the likes. Make sure of your contacts’ credibility or much more if they even exist.

Spams. Are you constantly receiving emails from same entity you don’t deal with or you don’t even know? These are termed as “spams”. They can be from business entities promoting services and products, or persons wanting you to get annoyed. Prevent getting spammed by being particular of entities you give your contact details including your email. If you really need to provide your email to people you don’t know, set your email’s filter so you can easily get rid of junk emails. For greater protection, create a separate email account.

Viruses, Malwares, and Spywares. These three were grouped as they have all in common. They are all foreign injected programs not welcome in your computer. Viruses damage computer system by altering its designated commands. So if your computer suddenly does a task without a command or with a different command, suspects it is infected.  Viruses are the most notorious foreign program because they are contagious. They spread easily with file transfers and computers linkages.

Unlike viruses, malwares are not infectious. These are programs used for malicious intents such as destroying computer system or program, spying, and others. Malwares for the intent of spying are called “spywares”. Spywares are created to obtain confidential information including passwords, user names, and the likes.

The damages these harmful softwares cause vary from unable to access email account to loss of bank funds. Prevention is indeed better than cure. Thus, be cautious of downloading, receiving unexpected files, and accessing infected websites. Delete as soon as possible any suspicious file. Download anti-virus softwares from reliable sites and scan your computer for errors as much as possible, so your computer is always on its tiptop shape.

Gone are the days when people’s best friends were dogs, as the new era of technology swarms through the globe. From office works, entertainment, to socialization, computers make tasks easy and convenient. With the continuous development of softwares and hardwares, expect the limits and boundaries hurdled as computer advancement promises infinite possibilities. However, comes with its development are the treats. Hence, being aware of these treats and how they occur is critical.

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