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Customerís BlackBerry Data Will Be Gathered In India

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 07 Dec, 2010 22:56:55

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Based on The Wall Street Journal report last Sunday, India started talks with companies countrywide to allow access to BlackBerry’s corporate electronic mails when a security agency requires it.

The Indian government earlier requested than the country’s law enforcement agencies should be provided access to communication facilities on its BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) from Research in Motion. The Research in Motion does not possess any back door nor a master key in the system that will give them way or any other parties to gain full access to secured corporate files on the BES which they maintained in spite of the fact that they are still disputing access with India and some nations.

The Wall Street Journal reported that India’s home secretary GK Pillai mentioned in an interview that state had a round of conferences with unnamed entities. Pillai said that they will definitely provide access if needed when the government warns them of an offender in their company who is a security risk. The home ministry of India is not saying any statement as of yet.

The statement made by Research in Motion seem to go together with that of Pillai’s who noted that the government of India has recognized any approach or any tendency that requires lawful access to fully secured data which is sent to and from government agencies and corporate branches which needed to come from customers of the enterprise since Research in Motion has no power to give encryption keys of the customers.

This process will prevent objections for RIM that it has given access to the government of India to its BES which it highly regarded as the premiere security option. The government’s statement was supplemented by Research in Motion last Friday that its agencies running securities are still not capable to check and intervene on a setting which readable communications are being made through enterprise services and RIM’s Messenger.

By the last day of January of 2011, the government of India had been assured by RIM that they will be provided the final action for the lawful implementation of the Messenger service which the country’s home ministry stated last October. The RIM has already given its action plan to the government of India for its BlackBerry Messenger service which will be effective January 31, 2011 according to Pillai on an interview with The Wall Street Journal. In October, the Indian government said RIM had provided a confidential interim agreement for interception of the BlackBerry Messenger service. However, the state did not discuss the BlackBerry Enterprise Server that moment which indicated RIM was attempting to control the situation.

By next year it will be more secured to stay in India by the use of the BlackBerry Messenger service which will be of useful for all its citizens and people who are intending to stay there for a longer time. The use of these security options will be a great milestone for the country as a whole and an advantage to each people and entities that need close security. 

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