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Disk Partitioning Advantages

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 21 Aug, 2013 17:30:41

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Disk Partitioning is basically to divide your hard disk to multiple parts. Partitioning a disk isn’t really necessary but it could be helpful. In this article, I’ll be explaining some advantages if you would be partitioning your disk.

As a computer technician, I recommend partitioning because it could be better for your files. On my personal computer, I do have 3 partitions so that I could better organize my files. I have a separate partition for movies and also for documents. This way, I could easily monitor the disk space that I am consuming.

Most of the time, when we buy a desktop computer or a laptop, we only have a single partition and this partition is drive “c:” which means that all files are inside this drive. If you only have a single partition and you do want to reinstall your operating system, all files would be deleted and couldn’t be retrieved anymore. Backing up your files is your only option but if you do have several partitions, you could just transfer your important files to the other partition then just copy it again once the reinstallation is complete. With this way, it would be easier and less time consuming rather than needing to back up your files in an external drive or to a DVD.

Another thing, if you’ll be infected with a virus then you only have a single drive, there is a big possibility that your files is already infected and could result to corrupted files. It would be a big headache especially if you do have files that are really important. If you do have several partitions and your primary drive is infected by a virus, your files on your other partitions are still safe.

If you want to make your computer a bit faster, you’ll need to defrag your drive. If you do have several partitions, you could just select your primary drive so that it will be faster compared to those that only have a single drive to defrag.

Partitioning a disk is usually made during operating system installation but if you are using Windows 7 and you do want to partition your drive, lucky for you because in Windows 7, you could partition your drive even after installing windows. You just need to go to disk management setting and you could already partition your drive from there.

Again, partitioning a disk isn’t necessary but it would be better for your computer. Partitioning a computer is simple and could be done easily.

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