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Dual WAN Router - Preventing Internet Downtime

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 18 Jul, 2011 21:58:50

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Most of you might not be familiar with dual WAN routers. A dual WAN router is a router that offers two slots for WAN which allows you to use two ISP providers at the same time. Dual WAN routers are mostly used by companies to prevent internet downtime. As we all know, internet in our country is really not that stable compared to other countries and that is why having a dual WAN router can really be important.

With the help of a dual WAN router, you will be guaranteed that your network / internet will not be affected even if your primary ISP provider’s network is down unless both of your ISP providers goes down at the same time though this happens rarely. Even if you subscribed to the biggest ISP provider in the country or you hired the best network engineer on the planet, you will still not be assured of your internet connection because as I’ve said, internet connection in our country is really not that reliable.

One of the main features of a WAN router is the “load balance” This feature is the one in charge of automatically switching your ISP provider from the primary provider to your backup ISP in case you experienced down time for the some down time. A dual WAN router still has the features of a normal router that includes security, IP filtering, firewall and more.

With a dual WAN router, you have the power to arrange your network. You can separate your network into two groups which can be easier for you especially in tracing the cause of a certain network problem.

The said device is really important for companies who really need access to the internet like internet café’s, betting stations, call centers, online casinos and more.  A downtime of even 5 minutes for other companies can already costs them thousands or even millions of pesos. As I’ve said, this device would really help you prevent downtime. So if your company still doesn’t have this device, I’m suggesting you to have one.  

A dual router is not that expensive compared to firewall products which can costs you almost hundreds of thousands in pesos. The said dual routers that can only costs you around 5 thousand pesos though it would still depend on the brand and the model. Having the said device would even serve as an asset in your company. If you really want to prevent network downtime, this would be the best solution for you.

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