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Easy-To-Do Tips When Encountering Error Alerts On Your PCs

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 23 Jan, 2011 23:06:56

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The categories of computer errors may be classified as hardware-related, and the other one as application errors which is easier to resolve and lesser risky.

You may need not to be a professional or specialist when it comes to fixing errors of the application. An ordinary user can resolve most of errors encountered for an application with the help of the perfect software for maintenance and protection with only just a little know-how.

For fixing errors of application, you may employ the following tips:


  • ·          Registry cleaning

You may use a high-caliber cleaner for your registry when you are to clean your registry for Windows. In order for several tasks to be done, the critical information of the registry stores is the one your OS is referring to.

You may receive repeating errors which will be visible if the information which is stored in your registry is corrupted, not correct, or not complete. For your PCs smooth flow of operation, you must maintain a registry which is compressed and clean.

  • ·          Incompatible software uninstalling

A lot of errors will occur as you run a software that is not matched on your system’s configuration and makeup which can cause various computer issues. You may uninstall software that opposes other software you have installed or are unmatched with your Windows OS.

You may likewise remove processes, files which are associated, entries of the registry, and all other program traces when you do uninstalling software. Slowing down of the system or repeating errors of EXE files is the result of the remaining processes contrasting other problems and active processes. For you to uninstall programs which are undesirable, it is advisable that you use some high-hat uninstaller brand or the utility of Add or Remove programs which are built-in.

  • ·          Files of software, drivers, and Windows update

You need to make sure that you update your files of software, drivers, and Windows itself. The feature of built-in Automatic Update should be enabled when downloading the latest updates for Windows. As soon as there are new updates released, you may use a trustworthy tool for scanning driver coming from a third party.

You may download the newest updates by visiting the website of the software manufacturer for software updating.

  • ·          Software installation from a trustworthy site

You know, most of the errors may come from using illegal pirated software. A good example would be when you are running a game which is pirated; you will be encountering an error of the Dynamic Link Library.

Now, to troubleshoot the error, you may need to uninstall the software which comes from a pirated source and then reinstall it from a legitimate Digital Video Disc or Compact Disk or to troubleshoot the error you may need to download the software from a legal site.

You need to make sure that the disc for installation is undamaged upon installing a program from a Digital Video Disc or Compact Disk installation medium. When you’re trying to run the program, errors of the runtime will be obvious when you install programs from an altered or a rubbed disc. Likewise, you have to be sure that your Web connection is not faltering and is of good condition when you need to download a program from the Web.

  • ·          Checking malicious software

A lot of errors will be present on your PCs and its connection will be slower when malicious software is in the system. You may remove any malicious software you have from your personal computer after running a malicious software scan on your PC through the use of advance software for spyware and viruses.

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