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Ethernet Cable splitter: the easiest way to share internet - Hubs and Switches: the best way to share files and printers on LAN

by: Melissa Reyes | 31 Oct, 2010 18:38:52

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Through the influx of technology, computers have been widely used at homes not one but multiple computers attached to a device to share internet connection. Without any device to connect them, it would be impossible to create more connections. Why? Simply because every internet connection contains IPs as an identification of every computer. However, if this comes to be true, internet providers will run out of IPs since almost all houses and offices and other firms utilize computers and internet. In this reason, hardware such as hubs and switches along with Ethernet cable splitter seep their way. But what make them different from each other? This article will discuss briefly the difference between Ethernet cable splitter and hubs and switches.

As being witnessed and testified by many users, Ethernet cable splitter is the best and the easiest way to split internet connection among other devices. Through the use of splitter or it is commonly known as router, you can share internet connection at homes. On the contrary, hubs and switches are usually used in offices and homes, for communication purposes within a specific workplace or at homes.

They are the means to share files, printers and connect LAN or Local Area Networks together. But they are incapable of sharing internet connections. However, if both purposes i.e. to share internet connection and connecting networks are the primary goal of the consumers, they can use both router and switches for computers properly work together.

In other words, computers are connected through hubs and switches and are connected to Ethernet cable splitter to access internet connection. All computers on the Local Area Network chained through hubs and switches can possibly access internet as it passes through a router or a splitter.

These devices: hubs, switches and Ethernet cable splitter are all inseparable to every businesses which are dependent on computers and internet. Though they functions differently, they contribute success and convenience.

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