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GIMP For Image Resizing

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 03 Mar, 2011 23:04:08

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Now, you can use your Photoshop files with the help of a program that is free called GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP. On the contrary, there are many people who find GNU Image Manipulation Program a bit hard to use that is its negative aspect and downside due to the fact that most of us are used to the way how things done. The positive side is that what you have invested for GNU Image Manipulation Program will be worth your time.

The ability to resize the graphics physically is one of the very useful features of GNU Image Manipulation Program. If you want to post pictures on your Web page or you want to use a picture as an avatar on a social networking Website, GNU Image Manipulation Program is user-friendly and comes very handy.

You may first have to have a copy of your image or photos to use GNU Image Manipulation Program to resize which are taught from visiting the Web page of GNU Image Manipulation Program and the program should be downloaded.

One indication that you already have installed and downloaded the GNU Image Manipulation Program is when you see its difference from other programs because it comes in three pieces that are distinct. The prime window holding main menu and your photos instead of just one prime window; a window for Toolbox, and for tracking the prime windows situation or status would be another window.

The scene would be something like you can instead focus on the prime one located in the mid-section when you are to resize images. For a graphic to be loaded you may click Open after clicking on File.

You may click the button for Open after using the file manager for locating the file you want to change the size. Move down after clicking from the main menu the Image tab and where the Scale Image is, click it as well that would be the next step to do.

On the normal process you may have to change the size of your image and there will be an automatic change in height to keep the same proportions of the image for majority of applications will tell you the size of your image based on width. You may simply type in the target number you’re looking for or use arrow keys to resize the image.

You may click the button for Scale as soon as you got the ideal size you want your image scaled to and then to the main window of image is where the image take up less or more if for any reason you have to resize the image into a bigger one.

On the main menu you may click File to change the size of the file stored on your hard drive as the size of the image has been changed on the screen, and then click on Save As.

You may click on the button for Save after typing in the file name for the file and you if have chosen which folder you want the file is saved to.

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