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Google Presents: “All About Android”

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 24 Dec, 2010 11:44:44

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Google mainly focuses on developing Android for sharing different features and procedures for using its product. Now, Google unleashes apps, ideas, hints, and tips on its Web log according to what was published by its senior VP of product management for Android.

To begin with, you’ll be learning a bit about different applications from Google like the following:

Tango - A system developed to enable automatic submission of new content to Google for indexing of published works in seconds.

SoundHound  An application which involves exploration of deals with makers of devices and carriers into music apps.

Shazam - This app function is to give the artist name, album name, and song title being played.

RemoteDroid - This app turns your mobile phone into a mouse with touchpad and wireless keyboard and it’s free for phones using Android OS.

Phoneanlyzr - This app is used for tracking phone transactions such as frequently text numbers, numbers you call the most, and others.

Instant Heart Rate - measure your heart rate simply placing a finger over your camera’s sensor for around 10 seconds.

FXCamera - This app runs an Android based Operating System from 1.5 higher to use its full functions and it is an alternative to your phone’s base camera.

Fruit Ninja - This app originally debuts on the iPhone popular for its iOS gaming system, but is now used for Android devices.

Flash - This app from Adobe is now working in conjunction with Chrome and Android OS used for notebooks, mobile devices, and tablets.

Astro This app concerns about astronomy.

Angry Birds - The app which has an attractive visual appearance and style and its gaming system is very addictive.

Keyboard Tips

For immediate replacement or correction of words, you may tap on suggestions to automatically replace it with suggested words on any word you typed previously. Another best keyboard tip available is for capitalizing words. When you like to capitalize words easily, press Shift plus another key which can be used to capitalized a letter instead of using an uppercase letter when you turn all-caps.

The best ideas for using Android

For Wi-Fi enthusiasts to turn your phone into Wi-Fi hotspot, you may go to Wireless & Networks after going to Settings which is followed by Tethering & Portable Hotspot on the process, but you have to pay an extra dollar for this feature. Next thing to know is about downloads; when you have downloaded items from the browser it will be collected in downloads manager which can be accessed in the drawer of applications. Another thing to discuss about is scrolling. When you see an orange hue at the bottom of the list, it is an indication that you can’t scroll anymore when you are in Google mail’s inbox.

Now, you can easily do things and enjoy your life using Google Android.

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