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Hardware Junks to cash

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 31 Jul, 2013 09:28:09

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As we all know, all things has its lifespan including computers. Computers are already common nowadays and could be seen in most homes. Most of us might be aware that a single desktop computer or even a laptop has several parts. In a desktop computer, parts can be replaced easily but for a laptop, a laptop repair specialist is required because repairing a laptop is more complicated compared to repairing a desktop. Most of the time, we just replace a part that is said defective because it is more practical than trying to repair it. Normally, defective parts are being disposed instantly after replacement but most of us are not aware that there are some parts can still be sold even if it is defective or considered junk.

As a technician, I do have several parts that are defective but I still keep them. I am just collecting them and when the time comes that I’ve decided to dispose them, I will sell them instead of just throwing them. Are you aware that a defective motherboard could cost around 140 pesos? It will depend on the buyer and on the model of the motherboard. Just imagine if you do have several defective motherboards, then you also have other parts that also has value, you could still earn from it even a few hundreds.

The phrase "may pera sa ****" is in fact true. In this case, defective computer peripherals are considered junk but despite that, they also do have their monetary value. I am writing this article to inform you that junks can be turned into cash because most of us thought that it can be disposed already because of the tag "defective". Most of you might be aware of those persons circling around streets looking for defective parts that they could acquire. If you'll be selling them your defective items, they’ll just buy it from you in a very low price. If you want to sell your junks, you could search online for possible junk buyers for a higher price. I’ve tried searching before and the best deals could be seen at the site Some also offer free pickups for those who are only within their vicinity or if you do have lot of junks that you want to sell.  

Again, turning junks into cash is a smart move. Earning a little something is better than completely earning nothing.

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