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How to access computers remotely

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 13 Aug, 2011 17:08:19

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For those who are not familiar with remote access, it is the ability of a computer to connect to another computer and control it via network or internet by using a username and password for security purposes. Remote access has many use, it can be used to access your files and folders at home, access your office server or even in troubleshooting someone’s computer.

Remote access is already available in various windows operating systems though there are also some programs like available like the teamviewer. Teamviewer is one of the leading names when it comes to remote access. This program is easy to use and it also has many functions. This program is normally used for support and troubleshooting though it can also be used in meetings and presentations. Sharing your desktop is easy with this program. You can even share files and folders to your remote partner.

Using this program is simple; this program can be used without installation which means that you can use it in any computer available. You can just save it in your USB drive so that you can bring it wherever you are. First of all, you need to acquire the ID and password of the teamviewer of the computer that you want to access. You just need to enter the details and if the remote computer accepts, you can now control the computer remotely.

One of the best features of this program is that it can be used even with the presence of a firewall. This program differs from others wherein there is a big possibility that you won’t be able to connect to the remote computer if the firewall is enabled.

Personally, I’ve already used this program to troubleshoot a computer though it’s quite slow because the speed of the internet of the remote computer is not that good which resulted to very slow response. If you want to make the speed faster, you can change the settings of the program to maximize speed rather than quality. I also use this program to control my computer at home from our office which enables me to view my files or even downloads.

This program can even be used to remotely connect to your CCTV camera’s at home which allows you to monitor your home while you’re out.

This program is free for private use but has a minimal fee if you’ll be using this program for a certain company or office.

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