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How to convert your computer into a home theater system

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 17 Jul, 2011 16:58:23

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For movie enthusiasts out there, are you aware that you can turn your desktop into a home theater system? Yes, it is possible. In this article, I’ll be helping you make your own home theater system.

In building a home theater system, you just need to add or replace some components:

Monitor – If you already have an LCD monitor, good for you. As we all know, the bigger the better. In my own opinion, I would prefer having a 22” monitor or above. This may not be that big but it would be fine. You can also add a second monitor; it is up to you if you want to buy a larger one just for movie viewing. In this case, you could use the dual monitor feature that allows you to watch movies on the other monitor while doing something on the other.

Sound card – Make sure that your sound card supports the 5.1 channel that will allow you to maximize your speakers. If your current sound card doesn’t support the 5.1, you must replace this one to a 5.1 channel. If you really want to experience surround sounds, you might want to use a 7.1 channel or higher.

Speakers – Having a surround sound experience will depend on your speakers. Even having a 7.1 channel sound card with low quality speakers will not produce good sounds. You might even experience rattling sounds or annoying sounds. If you really want to experience good surround sounds, invest in a good speakers. If you want to put your speakers on walls, you might need some wall mounts for the job.

Sound insulation – To really have a good sound output, you need to isolate the sound in your room. This is also known as “sound deadening” wherein you put insulators on walls, doors or even in the roof. This will prevent sounds from outside your house. This would result to a very satisfying sound experience. You could ask your local hardware for this one.

Video and sound codecs – There might be a time that your computer won’t play a specific video or movie. This might be a sign that you need to update your video and sound codec. You could download a freeware program that is called “K-Lite Code Pack” This plays almost every video and audio format available.  

There you go, with just adding additional items; you now have your own home theater system.

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