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How To Make People Visit Your Website Again and Again

by: Melissa Reyes | 23 Jul, 2010 13:53:14

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Have you checked your website so far? How many visitors opened your website today?

I have previously mentioned one of my articles that you should have to automate your website and make it sure that others have something to download in your site more importantly be done as quickly as possible so that they frequently go back to your site.

What is more important here is to keep potential customers visiting your site. Here are other ways to make your site visitable and accessible.

1. Originality

Subscribers can determine if the content of your site is original or created. You should think something that may be distinct to other web site. This may include text, images, ideas, applications, and others. They always make a big deal to original information.

2. Polls

Create a poll on your site where visitors freely comment or write their opinions which you can use as a reference or a survey of the possible feedbacks about your site. In this way, they will surely visit your site and checks it out how do you react on such feedbacks as they wrote.

3. Links and Directories

Make it sure to include links and other reliable sources in your site. Furthermore, directories are often searched, so it would be better for you to make a list of directories in your site. Surely they will subscribe more and more.

4. Trivia

Include in your site a kind of general information that may add to their knowledge something that they haven’t heard and learned or so. The answer of the question will surely be posted the next week. This will make them visit your site on that day.

5. Jokes

Though jokes are just for fun and not really a trivial matter, many love to read jokes for they give simple happiness. As it is said, laughter is the best medicine. If they know you associated jokes to your site, they will go to your site again and again.

6. News

Include news nationally or internationally in your website. In this way, they repeatedly visit your site for they can read current issues or up-to-date news easily from your website.

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