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How to Make Your Internet Connection Run Faster

by: Melissa Reyes | 30 Oct, 2010 05:36:20

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Try to imagine yourself being annoyed while waiting for your computer downloading. Isn’t it very irritating if your internet connection has been slowing down over and over again? However you try to finish your task on time, but you are always interrupted, it will really hinder the smooth workflow and will eventually affect your productivity. Yet, you know that your are provided various options when subscribing a dsl internet connection on your PC: from 384 kbps,  512 kbps,  768 kbps, to 1mbps. But 1 mbps is the most appropriate speed for every computer used at home. Let say, you subscribed the standard speed which is 1 mbps; however, you are still experiencing troubles from loading. Calm down! Don’t ever make a harsh action calling the internet provider. Read this article which helps you make your internet faster without bothering yourself to find a technician to fix for you. You can do it yourself.

1. Check your computer registry: Every time you visit a website, it will be stored or cached in the registry which is the primary role of Windows – to automatically save data. So, it makes it easier for you to open once you need it. Nevertheless, one of the reasons that computers slow down is because there are some files or data that are corrupted due to viruses or misuse. If damaged or corrupted, it tends to spend lots of time to read it and also makes you wait. And you come up with the idea that your internet runs so slow. To solve this problem, you need to activate your antivirus software every now and then.  However, if all are functioning properly, there might be wrong with the loads.

2. Check the load of your files. Another reason that makes your computer slow has something to do with the load of your hard drive or the performance of your processor, i.e. they might be overloaded. Clean your registry regularly. Removing memory resident programs that are not necessary must be the first step to make your internet faster. They interrupt loading. Free up your computer. Delete temporary files. Buy your registry cleaner software that automatically detects any problems more particularly on viruses. This cleaner is responsible more for detecting errors and immediately repair damages such as crashes and freezes.

 Isn’t it easy to fix your own computer? It is as easy as ABC. You don’t need to spend money for a repairman or need not to call the internet provider to complain. If you do these regularly, your computer works better and the internet connection runs faster than what you thought.

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