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How to protect your computer from hackers

by: Melissa Reyes | 06 Jul, 2010 11:29:57

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What would you do if your computer didn’t work at a surprised? You wish to check your email, but all of a sudden, you were wide-eyed for you couldn’t open your mail. Have you forgotten your password? Of course not! What’s wrong! You hurriedly call a technician, a customer service operator or an internet customer provider. You must be shocked if you heard that they had your account turned off because of “ABUSE!”  

This scenario is a commonplace because there are many wicked people who are clever enough to do evil. Their goal is to “hack”. Maybe you have heard this word many times and now you are surely scared to death that this might happen to you. They usually use a virus such as Trojan horse! They deliberately program it that is designed to control your computer and steal your data. These are commonly known as “computer hackers”. First, they detect ports that are open and unprotected with of course the help of networking. Once the computer is connected to an internet, it can easily get into and perform malicious activities in the computer. They have access to scan open ports and the virus is freely travels to and fro, and goes along to Windows Notepad which is utilized by a web designer/proogrammer in programming.

Thus, once the program is used, he simultaneously activates the virus which secretly transmits all security information and so therefore, the hacker can access and even can control one’s computer! How irritating!

However, you can do something to protect your computer from hackers. You can cloak your sensitive information by investing software along with a very effective anti-virus program. This is “firewall”. It is not just to prevent hackers scan and spread virus infection but it completely stops them to access your computer. You can visit these software vendors as soon as possible. You need to safeguard your computer. Be wise enough! Don’t be ignorant!

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