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How to Protect yourself from Key logger A password stealing program

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 17 Jul, 2011 22:01:32

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Key logging is basically a way of capturing every stroke made by a user. This is a program installed at a computer that can collect data by recording the strokes of the user which can be used to acquire passwords and info’s. In this article, I’ll be discussing some tips on how to prevent being a victim of key loggers.

To avoid key logging, never enter important details in an internet café because it is really not safe. Internet café’s are public computers wherein different users are using it every day. You are not sure about the programs installed at their workstations even if it is installed with security programs. Always remember that a hacker knows what he is doing. Most internet shops have weak network security which can be used by hackers for their advantage.

You might think that your office computer is safe but think again. If you are using a computer in your office, it can also be installed with a key logger though doing this might not be easy. There are good hackers that can really get into your system and install something without you knowing. If you really need to enter some important data’s, make sure that your computer is clean and secure. If you are into computers, you can check the processes of your computer if there are unusual programs that are running. If you doubt the program, you can always check it on the net to be sure. You can also check the programs that are included in the startup and remove all that are not necessary and suspicious.

One of the best ways to prevent key logging is to use your own computer. For important transactions, the best way is to use your computer. With your computer, you are sure that it is clean and free from key loggers. As an added security, make sure that your antivirus is updated and your firewall is turned on. Before entering passwords, always make sure that the website that you are browsing has a good security or encryption. This way, it will be safer for you.

Those who install key loggers can also be hackers. Installing a program that can sniff your important details is much easier compared to manually hacking your computer. Another piece of advice, don’t save passwords, credit card information and pins on your computer or any websites. This is to be sure that there is no way that they can get any important info’s from you.

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