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How to Repair Windows Registry Errors

by: Ailene B. Misa | 22 May, 2011 08:00:00

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In my previous article I discussed Windows Registry. With different errors and problems with it, I will give you practical on how to clean your registry.

Maybe you are wondering how Windows Registry affects your computer; remember it contains all the hardware, software and other preferences of your computer. As a result, most of your computer activities are connected to the registry.

Have you experienced slow computer start-up and shut down? Do you have any difficulty in opening application software? Here are the possible problems caused by Windows Registry errors:

• Corrupt or invalid program short-cut
• Difficulty in uninstalling software
• Cannot perform complete uninstall or there are some programs that cannot be uninstalled
• Invalid ActiveX object that cause data loss
• Regular program application error
• DLL errors
• Errors on Windows Start-up items causing slow computer loading

Well, I guess you have to repair your registry. Something is going wrong with it. Maybe you have installed and uninstalled programs on your computers. Some of your uninstalled programs leave spaces or holes on the registry. These are some of the reason s why you experience the problems mentioned earlier. Sooner or later it can lead to damaging your registry. Also, malicious software from the Internet contributes to your registry problem because it adds keys to your registry. Mostly, these keys are non-removable and can cause severe damage on your computer software and hardware component.

Alright, let us repair your Windows Registry. Do you know that the best way to fix your registry is through a registry cleaner? There are different registry cleaners available over the Internet and free to download. You must get one or shall I say pick the best for your computer. But you should be very careful in deciding what cleaner to download. This is to avoid any problem that may cause you when you get an incompatible cleaner for your operating system. The first thing you must consider is to find a cleaner compatible to your operating system.

Each registry cleaner has its own capability when it comes to repairing the registry. We can say that a registry cleaner is good if it is capable of scanning and fixing each registry in just a two or three mouse click. What I mean is in short possible time. There are some good cleaner that provides last known good registry of your computer before performing any task like scanning and repairing. This is good to keep a back-up of your registry for security purposes.

The new released registry cleaners are capable of performing thorough scanning to dig over obsolete and fragments from the registry. Remember a single error that will stay on your registry can cause damage if it will not be repaired.

But for me, I can say that the effective cleaner are those which can eliminate registry key created by malicious software. Registry keys caused by malicious software are very difficult to repair or removed from the Windows registry and the most damaging if not resolved in soonest possible time.

Now it your turn to repair your registry, again choose the compatible software cleaner for your computer.

After running registry cleaner, you may defragment your computer to ensure faster performance afterwards. Make sure to update your anti-virus software and to use compatible registry cleaner software. You may use this Registry Cleaner Click Here! to clean your registry

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