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How to setup and configure a wireless network and share your internet connection

by: Megan B. Bolivar | 03 Oct, 2010 09:22:41

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Installing and configuring a wireless network is alot easier then what you think as long as you have the IT skills to do it and having a basic understanding of (LAN) Local Area Network is a good way to start setting up your wireless network and  share your internet connection to others. You don't need to subscribed for another ISP or DSL service provider to connect your other computers to the internet just follow the steps to build your own wireless network and share your internet connection.

To begin building your wireless network you need to choose your wireless devices to be used on your network

The following wireless network equipments need to be purchased:

1. Wireless Router
2. Wireless Network Adapter
3. Broadband Internet Connection (DSL)

The wireless Router will share your internet connections to the computers on your wireless network and the Wireless Network adapter will connect your computer to the wireless network If you have a new sophisticated laptops chances are your computer may already have a built in wireless adapter if not you may purchase a USB wireless adapter and install and configure it on your computer. You may also opt to buy the same brand of wireless router and wireless network adapter for ease of installation.

Choose the best Broadband Internet connection available in your area. You may choose to get the slightly affordable 1mbps broadband speed to enjoy cool surfing but of course it will all depends on your budget to what internet connection speed will you be going to setup on your wireless home network 768kbps is also a good start anyway you may upgrade it later for free if you decide to get the much faster Insternet connection.

Wireless Home Network Installation steps:

1. Connect your Wireless router to your DSL modem Router use the UTP patch cord cable ship with your router plug one end of the UTP cable to the WAN slot on your router and the other end to the WAN slot of your DSL modem.

2. Configure your wireless Router.
To configure your wireless router you will use the browser based management software embeded into the router. Open your Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox and type the default IP address of your wireless router and then enter the default username and password. Here are the default ip address, username and password for some of the popular wireless routers:

For 3Com routers default URL default username: admin default password: admin

For D-Link routers default URL: default username: admin default password: none

For Linksys routers default URL: default username: admin default password: admin

After Logging in to the admin panel of the wireless router. You need to configure the following

- SSID or the Wireless Network Name

- WEP - Wireless encryption (WEP) or WPA - Wi-Fi Protected Access

- Set the Admin Password

In each and every settings you make be sure to click and Save the changes you have made

3. Connect your computers to the wireless network launch your internet browser and enjoy surfing your favorite sites.

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