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How Wi-Fi Works?

by: Ailene B. Misa | 19 Jan, 2010 08:01:51

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Have you been in a coffee shop, mall or university lately? Did you notice the Wi-Fi connection in those establishments?

Just to give you brief overview, computer users nowadays are choosing Wi-Fi Internet access everywhere because it is cheaper and very accessible. Anyone can be hooked over the Internet everywhere and anytime.

Most of the residential and business Internet set-ups are using Wi-Fi connection. So don't be surprised if in case you will be gong in a remote area that already had a Wi-Fi Internet connection. The spread of Wi-Fi is very swift and I think unstoppable because of its features.

In this article, I will give you an overview how Wi-Fi works invisibly on air, its advantages and how to set-up this connection.

Let us define what is Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi refers to a wireless network that uses two- way radio waves technology. To cite an example we have televisions, radio and even cell phone. The term Wi-Fi is usually used to refer to IEEE 802.11 technology. It enables computers, cell phone and other electronic devices to connect to the Internet within the range of the Wi-Fi network.

Here is how wireless network work: The network adapter of a computer converts data into a radio signals and transmit the processed data using an antenna. The wireless device (router) receives the signals and converts it, and sends it over the Internet. This process can work vice versa.

In areas with Wi-Fi connection, where there can be one or more interconnected access point we called it hotspot.

Wi-Fi process is almost the same with a two-way radio though they differ with each other in some areas like:
• Wi-Fi operates at 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequencies, higher than the frequency for other electronic gadget
• It uses 802.11 networking standards
• Wi-FI can operates and transfer on any frequency band

Any electronic gadget that has wireless adapter can be hooked in a Wi-Fi network. Though there are instances that the wireless device fails due to heavy Internet traffic. This is when most of the Internet users are using Internet application that consumes almost the entire bandwidth.

There are different Wireless network available like 802.15 for Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) for Bluetooth technology.

The 802.16 WiMax that is commonly used for high-speed internet access over a long distance.

Now let us see how you can connect to Wireless Network.

Always remember that you can only connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot or network if your computer or any electronic gadget has a wireless adapter. Most of the new released laptop models and high-end cell phone has wireless adapter. If in case your laptop don't have it, just purchase a network adapter and attach it on your unit. Once you have a wireless adapter, you will be automatically connected to hotspot within your reach.

In case you will be working a way from a wireless network, there are some wireless broadband available in the market. Most of it are ready to use, just plug it on your USB port. Very easy as 1, 2, 3!

Connecting to a public Wi-Fi is very convenient and practical.

Most of home network uses wireless network because it is more convenient and not messy. You don't have to lay down a lot of wires on your floor. Once you will be hooked in the network you can be connected over the Internet and with other computer terminal.

Isn't amazing? This is the power of Wi-Fi connection, very easy and convenient for busy people of today. Have your own Wi-Fi network at home or on your business.

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