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how your website get listed on

by: Melissa Reyes | 28 Jun, 2010 15:26:45

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Not only you but almost all web designers are harried and overly concerned how their site will be placed in the first page, that any search engine such as Google finds it as quick as possible. We can’t deny the fact that is still the best when it comes to searching. You can hear from students “you google  it” when they mean you search the information from the internet.  Google searches five times faster than the others. However, the question remains” how can we get listed on I would suggest the following:

Are you familiar with Has anybody invited you to be a member? If not, make an account freely. is known as one of the partners of in networking.  As you know, this is even true in the world of business; every company prioritizes its allies and partners. In the same way, prioritizes what belongs to it.  In signing up, you give emphasis on you site and “urls” as much as possible. Invite others or always bear in mind about sharing testimonials. This surely helps. On the other side, also scans huge sites such as And so therefore, you are advised to create an account in it and never forget to mention your “urls”.

You must be as well a member of In your profile, don’t forget to list your “urls” in your email signatures. Whenever sent, “urls” must be included in the subject or even in the body. Whatever sent through is scanned by to make it sure that the delivery of adsense is accurate. If “urls” are scanned, they will automatically get listed.

As I mentioned, sharing is the best option. Sign up Make a list of mail addresses essential to your website. In addition, create a blog account; include your “urls” most presumably near the box of comment. In any case, once you included your “urls” in your profile, every blog will get listed.

After signing up and be a member of these sites, make a habit to visit and study the contents of every site. Talk to the webmaster if necessary.

Add your website sitemaps to . This serves as a directory map of your website. Make it sure that the sitemap is in extended markup language (.xml)

For better, list your entire website contents .xml format in . Simply select the "add content". Moreover, enlist your “urls” or website addresses to

In case the purpose of your site is marketing or trading any products, your website must be listed to - . This is a shopping directory.

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