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iPhoto Rating Techniques: 1

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 17 Jan, 2011 20:28:13

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For good photographs, you may assign star ratings to manage your iPhoto well.

When you scroll over dozens and dozens of pictures in a photo gallery during the arrival of iPhoto 4 seven years ago, one of the features it carries was improved quality. The moves in favor of the hardware during that very important day, it was surprisingly a job well done. The iPhoto galleries of the people were growing because of new images that blown into thousands and became the key as they adopt the use of electronic cameras.

The astonishing figure of photo galleries continues to grow, and the main focus was diverted from hardware quality. The important thing is if you know how to find the shots you made without looking on each and every gallery in your iPhoto. For the users of iPhoto, you are about to read some of the best techniques available here.

·          Stars-ranking technique

The basic task is just rating the images. It comes once in a blue moon for you to determine when a vague shot can be better off used as wallpaper for your desktop, so you may need not to throw those unwanted shots in the first place which comes after immediately accessing or showing good photos.

In iPhoto ’11, the Search field could be activated just by default through a button to begin displaying photos which is ratings-based; you may click the star icons after clicking the pop-up menu for Search. On the other hand, to uncover the Search field, you may type * (asterisks/star) after pressing Command-F.

To bring up all photos with two stars on it, you may enter double asterisks (* *), but it doesn’t mean that those are two-star or higher rated photos. There is a big distinction between two-star rated photos and those that are quoted as two-star pictures. You may separate with space those asterisks (* *  * * *) if you want to see photos with 2-3 stars ratings as what hidden in quotations, is a faster and better searching technique.

·          Sets of photo galleries or smart album technique

On the contrary, there are still shortcomings in photo searching through stars ranking technique because in good faith that process takes time and are lousy.

You may create sets of photo galleries or smart album for a change. The sets of photo galleries or smart album you are about to do if selected can perform a live search opposing a normal photo gallery or ordinary album, and you can view the sets of photo galleries or smart album you made that matched the criteria you have added.

Bear in mind that the sets of photo galleries or smart album you are about to make have many useful functions which you’ll discover as you get through the process.


We shall continue our discussion in our second part the rest for Sets of photo galleries or smart album technique with its steps to follow, and then the Best shots rating technique.

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