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iPhoto Rating Techniques: 2

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 17 Jan, 2011 20:40:05

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After we have discussed the first two techniques for iPhoto rating such as Stars-ranking technique and Sets of photo galleries or smart album technique, this second part is the continuation of our article, but this time it will be about the steps you need to follow for Sets of photo galleries or smart album technique and the concluding one which is Best shots rating technique.

  • Sets of photo galleries or smart album technique (continuation)

 These steps should be followed:

-You may press Command-Option-N or select File>New>Smart Album

-a name like “4+Last 4mo” may be given to the set of photo gallery or smart album you have created

-you may set the first criterion that may read as “My Rating”, “is greater than”, and then the number of stars should be clicked when you use the pop-up menus. Due to the fact that iPhoto is looking for stars greater than the criterion but not equaled or greater than, you have to make sure to choose a single less than what you prefer

-To add another criterion, you may click the Add button (+) to the right. You may change the properties that read “Date,” “is in the last,” and “4 months” as the process goes; and then, you may click OK. Take note that the photos with 3-stars ranking or higher for the last three months will show by the next time you choose the smart album or sets of photo galleries.

·          Best shots rating technique

We don’t have to pay for the cost of filming and printing because electronic photography allow us to commit errors, and what adds more burden to our photo galleries are photos that were improperly exposed or a little bit vague. The better images can be promoted by you in your iPhoto gallery through star rating to make sorting easier for big figures of images. For star rating be added, you may press numbers from 1 to 5 after pressing Command with a photo enlarged or chosen for the viewing place to be filled. For a single star option, you may press Command-1 after taking your best shot for instance. On the other hand, you may use Command-3 quickly for the one that has more promising view and angle. When you are to process a bunch of images, the faster way to do it is to go to the shortcut of the command-key, while the menu for My Rating is done through from the Photos selection or clicking the star icon in the Information panel. 

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