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Job Searching Tip: What You Should Avoid When You’re on Job Hunting

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 16 Aug, 2010 13:58:27

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Long time ago, I thought that it would be best to follow other people as they have the gift of experience. I’ve pursue a job that I don’t like. But I only hated each morning that I need to get up for work. It may be too hyperbole to say this, yet this is exactly how I felt with the company and the job. There came a day when I couldn’t take any longer the so called “hell”. I’ve resigned. And I can say that was the most relieving moment in my entire career.

If you are on job hunting, this article will give you idea on the things you should consider before accepting a job offer. These are exactly the things I wish I knew when I was startingJ.

Don’t accept a job that doesn’t pay you well. I’m not saying that all jobs should pay high rates. I mean- don’t acquire a job that pays you below your rate. Of course, you should have an idea how much should your services cost. With today’s online salary info’s and abundance of network, for sure you got an estimate what should be your monthly salary. Admit it or not, you’d be depressed if you find out you have the lowest rate among your college classmates.

Don’t ever join a company that you’ve no faith. Many established business entities have below average performance, not to mention they got no room for excellence and aspiration. I’m only being honest. Maybe, I’m becoming too rude. Yet, that’s what reality is. The realm of business and employment has junks. If you happen to receive a job offer, check the company’s credibility. Make sure these guys are the “good guys” and not the “owls in suit”.

Don’t apply in a job that you have no idea what exactly it requires you to do. Sadly, there are a lot of HR’s with misguided principles. As long as their quota for hired employees this month is achieved, they don’t care if you’re properly oriented with your job. Thus, you’re required to do your own research. When you’re on interview, take the chance to ask your “future” boss what you would exactly do if you’re hired. This is for you have a clear grasp of what to expect and lessen your frustration. It’ll also help you decide if you’ll continue with the application or not.

With the tough competition on the employment realm and the reigning of global recession, people find lucky those who get hired for a job. Contrary to this perception, acquiring a job doesn’t make you fortunate…obtaining a nice job does.  What’s the use of a job if it doesn’t make you contented? Would you want to end up doing chores that you don’t like just because you’ve followed what other people say?

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