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Limewire, the most popular p2p program is now closed

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 05 Dec, 2010 18:45:45

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Limewire is known to be one of the most popular peer to peer file sharing programs in the world. It was established May 29, 2000. That was a decade ago. This program is not only made for windows but will also work in both linux and Mac OS X as well because of its cross platform capabilities. The program was written in the Java programming language which means that any computer that has java installed can run this program. There are two different versions of this software, the free version and the PRO version. The free version is basically the basic limewire where you can get it for free while the PRO version is available for around $21 but some people prefer cracking/hacking limewire in order to get the PRO version for free.  This program was the best source for music and video downloads but unfortunately, this was closed down due to legal issues.

 Limewire was closed last October 26 this year by the order of US federal court judge Kimba Wood. This order forced limewire to stop operation instantly. Limewire stopped distributing their latest version 5.5.11 however, the lower versions of this program remains functional and cannot be disabled by the company. The only way that the program will not be functional is when the users upgrade their existing versions to the newest one. This program was also used to download torrent files via internet. The company will be facing trial investigation staring next year. Limewire was charged by record labels that own the said illegal downloads.

 The said program was not only the best source for downloads but was also used as a medium for Trojans and viruses. Limewire was used to spread different kinds of viruses just by downloading a certain file. These viruses infected not just windows computer but also Macintosh computers specifically the ones using Mac OS X Tiger and the leopard version. This was after an investigation that showed that 30% of downloads contains a virus. The said problems with viruses were lessened by disabling the program to search or share files that are executable or files that has the “.exe” extension.

 Limewire existed for 10 years but was closed and may be closed forever due to the charges that they are facing but closing limewire won’t stop illegal downloads and piracy because internet users will always find ways to download anything without paying a single penny. 

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