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List of Useful Windows Shortcut Keys

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 17 Jul, 2011 22:46:44

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Most computers in the world are using Windows, the operating system developed by Microsoft, one of the biggest companies when it comes to computers. You might already be familiar with windows but it might not be enough. In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the shortcut keys for windows which can really help you work faster.

Shortcut keys are designed not just to work faster but can also be an alternative if the mouse is not available. Some of the most important keys that you need to know can be found below:

Windows key or CTRL+ESC – This will open the start menu.

Alt + f4 – This will allow you to terminate or close the current running program.

Alt + tab – This will allow you to switch to another running program.

CRTL + ATL + DEL – This will open the task manager if you are authorized to do so. If you are using a guest account or you are in a computer joined in a domain,

Windows key + L – This will lock your computer and will ask for a password (if any) when logging on again.

Windows key + F – This will start the find files or folders.

Windows key + E – This will launch the windows explorer.

Windows key + D – This will minimize all running programs / applications immediately.

Windows key + C – This will open the control panel.

F1 – This will start the windows help feature wherein you can browse for the help topics or search for files and folders.

Del – This key is used to delete a file or folder. The file can still be found at the recycle bin and can still be restored.

Shift + Del – This is also used to delete a file or folder but this time, the file will be deleted permanently.

Ctrl + C – This will copy a selected object.

Ctrl + V – This will paste a copied object.

Ctrl + Z – This will undo a previous action made

Ctrl + Y – This will redo the previous undo action made.

Ctrl + Windows key + F – This will start the find computer window.

The said shortcuts are only few of the many shortcuts available in windows. It is not easy to remember the said shortcuts but if you’ll be using them almost every day, you’ll be remembering them in no time. As a personal experience with the said shortcuts, it will really help you move faster even without the help of a mouse.

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