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Looking back at Bing's Progress and Performance

by: Ailene B. Misa | 24 Jan, 2011 18:00:03

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Bing was officially launched last June 3, 2009.  It’s the latest search engine from the giant software company-Microsoft.  I supposed that all of us are aware that Microsoft had search engine for several years.  They just keep on renaming them. 

Bing is also called Decision Engine because it aims to help you search better and faster.  It means no need to scroll up and down of your screen to look and read a lot of irrelevant and useless results.  Bing search engine decide the appropriate results and displayed it on your screen at the shortest possible time.  As they said, Bing assures a different search experience for Internet users’ world wide.

It’s been one year and half since Bing was launched.  The question is how’s the Decision Engine nowadays?  Did it reach its target to be the number 1 search engine?  Are there any developments?

In my opinion, Microsoft is really serious when they say that they will take financial risk to support Bing all throughout.  With $80 million in marketing for advertisement or promotion expenses alone, it is now creating new trends in search engine.

One of the latest developments in Bing is it’s collaboration with Yahoo.  Nowadays, Yahoo uses Bing in doing research within the World Wide Web.  Like in Japan, Yahoo Japan is already linked in Bing. 

It is noticeable that Bing was able to maintain being a stylish search engine.  They use very appealing graphics, video preview within the page, and it almost exceed the features offered by Google.  Also, you can notice a clear difference between Bing and Google map.  The first claimed that they offer better map service than the latter.  The difference?  Bing’s map is more graphical than the other.

But when it comes to search performances, Bing’s “web groups” and automatic preview are almost the same with the one of Google.  These features are not new at all.

There are two things that I appreciate from Bing when it comes to web search.  First, it provides organized results.  It has explore pane to filter all web search results like images, video, etc, and it provides history section where you can view all previous searches you’ve done.  Second, the result it provides helps the user in making decision.  For example, you want to search for travel package.  Bing provides the prices, location, hotels and the like.  Since Microsoft is integrated with Farecast, the user can easily know when is the best time to buy an airline ticket at a very reasonable price. 

Bing as a Decision Engine modified the entire process of doing web research in order to form a new cluster.  But then due to its busy task sometimes, you will notice some lapses on the search result of Bing.  But then it is manageable that non techie individuals won’t notice.

In general, after a year of operation I still believe that Bing wasn’t able to replace Google as the number 1 search engine.  One thing I noticed, only few people are using Bing regardless of all the new features it has been offering, Internet users are still using Google. 

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