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Make your computer invulnerable with Deep Freeze

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 21 Aug, 2013 17:39:39

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Most of you might already experience having problems with your computer. Encountering errors or viruses is something that we couldn’t avoid all the time even if you have an updated antivirus program or a computer optimizer program.  As a computer technician, I’ve already encountered hundreds of errors and viruses that literally gave me a headache. Most of them can be fixed easily but some are also hard to repair.

Having a computer is like having a car wherein you also need to check it every now and then to make sure that it runs at its peak condition. A simple maintenance will do but most of the time, users don’t really care. For those who couldn’t manually check their computer, I’ll be recommending a program that could help you protect your computer for your convenience.

The program is called Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze is an application that could protect your computer from errors and viruses. Basically, it saves your computer’s configuration by selecting the “Freeze” state. When you’ve already selected the “Freeze” option, it would turn your computer to a state where any changes made will be disregarded when the computer is switched off or even restarted.  It is like using the system restore option of Windows every after restart.

Deep freeze is easy to use and configure. You could even set multiple passwords or even just select the drive that you want to protect. For saving data, you could create a ThawSpace wherein this would be the space for you to save your files so that it would not be affected when you shut down or restart your computer.

If ever you would like to remove, install or change your computer’s configuration, all you need to do is to change Deep Freeze to its “Thawed” state wherein changes are allowed and will be saved.

I am recommending this program because it really works and it helped me a lot to prevent any configurations that might cause errors or viruses. I’ve also used this on an internet cafe where customers at times tries to install programs or even make changes on our workstations but with the help of this program, a simple restart could eliminated any unwanted changes.

Believe me, if you’re one of those who really don’t have the time to maintain a computer, this would be a very good program for you to avoid any errors or viruses that could result to your computer breaking down.

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