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Managing Software Assets Can Bring Savings To An Entity

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 14 Dec, 2010 19:53:22

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Nowadays, effective accounting and managing Information Technology expenses is becoming more important for entities in today’s world crisis and job scarcity. Along with this is the expensive and complex works which is a mistaken notion that goes for managing software asset. But there is the most economical and simplest way that entities can do their tasks of managing their software. This is a program called Managing Software Assets, which is implementation of a set of procedures, policies, and processes for an entity to make an inventory of the installed software; establishment and application of an entity’s concurrent license agreements and see if there are loopholes between what they have installed and what they are allowed to use.

With an effective way of Managing Software Assets, an entity can avoid under licensed risks factors and may lead to effective software license compliance as a whole. This may also help an entity to enjoy bigger savings and avoid being over licensed which can be attained by knowing that software has been retired or re-allocated when it is no longer in use.

You can distinguish the fact when software is on circulation in a given environment if it’s regularly changing because as time pass by personal computers are replaced, reconditioned or retired, and also due to upgrading software and extent of employee turnovers. It is important that all employees work in accordance and they understand the procedures, policies, and processes of Managing Software Assets for its effective programming. It will become easier to manage an operation by retraining staff and employees through basic education about managing software licenses as a whole.

Before transferring the skills to an expert assigned for Managing Software Assets, you may seek an advice from a service provider for Managing Software Assets to manage the whole process or in-house skills and knowledge for Managing Software Assets needed by the entity. Before you know it, the project is soon to be approved as it follows realization of risk factors and potential savings made by the top management.

There are 2 top tools needed for the implementation of the best practices for Managing Software Assets. You have to create up-to-date inventories that assist flagging renewal of licenses which is a tool for an automated discovery to establish the software their network has installed is the first tool needed. License management is the second tool which provides information by client and server access for the best decisions, user name, and seat, respectively.

When Managing Software Assets is fully implemented it reduces support, operational, and software budget allocation for a longer period which helps reduces infrastructure and software licensure expenditures. This process gives way to user satisfaction and version control improvement which allows quicker company-wide circulation of the application. The introduction of Managing Software Assets effectively will give an entity a chance to decrease up to 30% the Information Technology expenditures in which the ROI (return on investment) may be realized on its year one of implementation.

Remember that without an effective program for Managing Software Assets, companies operates at risk of budgets and support expenses that which may be wasted, Information Technology expenditures which may become higher, and inefficiency, notwithstanding the potential costs and legal matters that may arise from using software which is not compliant.

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