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Media Server At Home: 1

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 17 Jan, 2011 22:51:57

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To share your files after storing it, you may need to create an array of disk which is network-attached.

Instead of storing your data the old fashioned way, you may store your videos, television programs, motion pictures, and your audio playlists on hard drives which is digital media distribution that has goodwill.

As you go along and try to balance quality with growth, searching the perfect storage solution can be deceiving as you may require for it. Things will arrive with complexities as you may require access for network-wide and backing up purposes. There is an available system which provides an extremely flexible and strong option for storage at an affordable rate which is called DIY storage system.

You can make lots of media storage unlimitedly as you can create one so you may need a generous storage space, especially if you are a videographer and photographer at the same time. When it comes to playback for videos, you may use an Apple Macintosh that can be attached to a television set which runs Plex, and on the other hand, when you use playback for music, you may use streaming to an AirPort Express from iTunes. For these reasons, you may probably want to have a media server which is centralized as a storage system tool. You need to have place for your various PCs general backing up purpose when you need to hold on all backed up data. You must also do data access while your not home and the storage access from any computer on your network should be able favorably because you may never know when a client shall call and you may receive a request for some data that you may not have handy.

You may need to manage your storage needs through internal hard drives combination inside your external hard drive for Universal Serial Bus port on your working station, and inside your desktop PC.

You may need a FireWire hub or portal or different Universal Serial Bus drive, another place for drive stacking, and a different electrical outlet as you add another external drive because PC desktop has several bays which are an issue with this method. Remember, that all of these drives should be plugged into some sort of PC for every drive you add you would need a backup counterpart.

You may decide to build your own storage server which is un-Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks-based network to better meet your expectations like a computer which is a mini-tower stand-alone from which inside it you may find hard drives cluster. This can be accessed from any other PCs as it runs on your network. It is very economical to find out that you already have cluster of hard drives.

We will continue our discussion on the second part.

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