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Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, A tablet that could be transformed into a laptop

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 30 May, 2014 18:53:55

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Microsoft has announced their newest product which is called the Surface Pro 3. Microsoft said that this product could possibly replace your existing laptops. This product is a tablet but again, this could also be transformed into a laptop just by adding an external keyboard. This is not the the first that a company has released a tablet that could be transformed into a laptop but in my opinion, this product could possibly stand out from the rest not just because of it's design but also because of it's speed. Below would be the specification of the said tablet.

Processor - 4th Gen Intel Core i3, i5 or i7
Storage and RAM - 64 GB or 128GB with 4GB RAM / 256GB or 512GB with 8GB RAM
Display - 12" Multitouch
Weight - 1.76 lbs
Camera - 5.0 MP for both front and back cameras
Connectivity - Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
Battery Life - Up to 9 hours
OS - Windows 8.1 Pro

As I've said, this is not the very first transformer tablet but in my opinion, this would be the best so far due to it's fast processor. Usually, tablets only possess small processors like the intel atom but for this one, having an i series processor... on a tablet would really stand out. Not to mention the battery life that could last for 9 hours with this kind of processor. Having a tablet that could be transformed to a laptop would be a very cool gadget to have.

The said tablet would be perfect for everyone. It could be used by students for school. It could be used at the office for presentations and it could also be used at home for entertainment. This would also be perfect for those who are into graphics. This would suit their creative minds.

For those who are interested in this product, Microsoft is already accepting pre orders for this one. You could visit their page for more info. The product has several processors which you could choose which best suit your needs. Please do take note that the basic package of this tablet doesn't contain the external keyboard and you still need to buy it separately if you want to convert it to a laptop.

Microsoft's statement might be real if this tablet would gain several good reviews from users. If that happens, it would really be possible that laptops would be replaced by tablets like the Surface Pro 3 in the near future.


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