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Mozilla Firefox Speed-boosting Techniques

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 18 Dec, 2010 23:35:30

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I’m sure that you like to work easily and speed up your browser whichever it may be, especially, if you are using Mozilla Firefox.

Now, here are additional techniques to do to use your Firefox browser effectively.

For more efficient work using Firefox you need to switch to newly opened tabs, clear the download list, and remove old Java Consoles.

·          Switch to newly opened tab 

You need to take note that Mozilla Firefox is not actually switching to a new tab that contains the link you click which is also done when you hold down the Ctrl key. Clicking a link forces a new tab to open and keeps you on the same page. But if you don’t want to view a new tab right away, proceed with what your doing and don’t do the process mentioned. The good news is there’s an alternative way to change the browser’s reaction to new tabs as follows: click Options after clicking the Tools, and Tabs afterwards. Just click OK after enabling the last option on the list and you’re good to go.

·          Clearing the Downloads List 

When you come to download from the Web using Firefox, you may notice that the browser becomes slower until it stops and for seconds the screen freeze. The thing you need to do to wake your browser up is to press Ctrl-J to access the Downloads list and clear it by clicking the Clear List to do the task as quickly as possible. The downtime for Firefox lessens or even eradicated when you do this simple procedure and it will turn out to be a remedy to add to the speed length of your browser. So, if you encounter similar issue just do the same. 

·          Remove Old Java Consoles      

The programming platform or language used by different apps and Web sites is Java, while Java Console which is of low use to most users as a debugging tool, and take note that its new version is installed within Firefox every time you click on updates. On the other hand, the old versions programs still remain in the system and that’s when the browser’s speed slows down. For you to check on Java Console’s history within the system, you may need to select Tools / Add-ons if you are going to look at your Add-ons on Firefox and you may also notice the grey-out shades on the uninstall button for each instances. The best thing to do to remove old consoles is to run as administrator as you Exit Firefox. After you choose Run as administrator, you may right-click the desktop icon of your Firefox. You’ll now have the option of uninstalling Java Consoles when you go back to your Add-ons list. It is advisable to keep the Java Console with the highest version number for any reason that Java Runtime Environment needs to use it.

Well, you have now learned the best techniques to do when you like to boost the speed of your Firefox browser. Enjoy browsing without hassles, now!

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