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MS Word Bookmark Option - B

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 04 Mar, 2011 23:44:38

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(This is the continuation from MS Word Bookmark Option – A.)

Now let’s continue our discussion about the bookmark option for MS Word.

Of course, all the possible things you can do with bookmarks do not stop there because you can use them in connection with the tools for Cross-Reference and Hyperlink. Again, you may go to your first section for you to view how Hyperlinks go with bookmarks, and then in your text’s first line you may modify what you have typed to Jump to Second Bookmark and you may highlight these words then the button for Hyperlink should be clicked which is right next to the button of Bookmark. Afterwards, click on the icon for Place in This Document. You may click on the button for OK after clicking the second one when you see on your bookmarks a listing of tree. You will see that your text that is highlighted has its color changed and is underlined now upon returning to your document after seeing the disappearance of the popup window of Hyperlink. Just as a Web page is filled with hyperlink if you have created one, you may go through it until you see a small popup for using your new hyperlink. While you click the button of your left mouse, you may press the key of Ctrl from your keyboard and hold it down and after doing all these process, you should be lead to the heading of your second section.

You may as well use bookmarks with the tool for Cross-Reference in addition to Hyperlinks utilization to hop to locations in your document and to perform this you need to type See Second Bookmark in your text elsewhere.

For making it the current position in your document you may click the brackets in-between and then the icon on the Cross-Reference that can be found on the icon of Bookmark’s other side.

For Insert references to, you may use the down arrow to choose Bookmark, as the Reference type, and Page number and then for choosing it you may click on your second bookmark.

For you to return to your document you may click the button for Close after clicking the button for Insert and from that point you should see into your document that a number has been inserted which represents the number of page where your heading’s second section is located.

You may therefore realize the usefulness and versatility of bookmarks most especially for documents that are longer and you may come to rely more on them as you use them more often.

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